Black and blue Fitness Audio Replacement MTU8 Transmitter
Fitness Audio Replacement MTU8 Transmitter Instructions Diagram

Fitness Audio Replacement MTU8 Transmitter

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Buy the Fitness Audio Replacement Transmitter for your wireless microphone headset when replacing the body-pack transmitter. The replacement transmitter replaces your old transmitter fast so that you can get back to work in the gym!

Operates on the 560 Mhz band. If you require a different band, contact us!

  • User-replaceable Fitness Audio MTU8 Mini TX transmitter
  • 8-channel frequency-agile UHF system
  • Coated circuit boards - to protect against sweat
  • Sealed, single push button ON/OFF™ switch on the transmitter
  • Single AAA battery transmitter operation
  • Tone-coded transmission - eliminates spurious emissions and on/off™ pop noise and need for mute™ switch on the MTU8 transmitter.
  • 10 Frequency groups to choose from: 520A, 520B, 536A, 536B, 540A, 540B, 560A, 560B, 580A, 580B - all FCC Compliant