Service & Maintenance

Here are some of the problems we hear about the most. (Spoiler warning, we can help with these.)

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Microphone Maintainance

Headset microphones are sometimes shared between instructors. It is always a good idea for each instructor to have their own windscreen for basic hygienic reasons. With the growing concern of passing along germs we recommend that each instructor uses their own personal headset mic. Be sure NOT to use any cleaners or sanitizers on your headsets as it will damage the sweat barrier and can void your warranty. Simply use a damp cloth.

Headset microphones crackling? The notorious microphone crackle! In most cases this is the sign of a worn-out connector. We can replace the connector and bring that old mic back to life!

Have a mic that you love but you are changing your transmitter and receiver? Use this section for any descriptive text you need to fill out your pages or to add introductory headings between other blocks.

Amplifier Maintainance

From dead LCD screens to no sound at all, if your amplifier is not working, in most cases it can be repaired. General maintenance of amplifiers is always important. We can take it apart and clean out all the dust to avoid overheating.

System Maintenance

Loud Feedback? Feedback is the worst! In most cases we can eliminate feedback with a system tune up. If you have a bad case
of feedback with your microphones that can’t be fixed with a tune up we have a solve all solution: The Automatic Feedback Suppressor. This is a add-on piece of equipment that actively monitors the sound in the room and will automatically cut any feedback before it happens!

Not sure if you need maintenance? We are offering a free inspection and system report for your AV equipment if you are in the Lower Mainland or if we are able to get on-site to your studio. We will take a look through your equipment and will be able to let you know if there are any areas that require maintenance.