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Cardio Theater XTV Fitness FM System

xTV FM Transmitter

A perfect entertainment solution for any size facility, the Cardio Theater xTV-FM transmitter connects easily to your television audio output jack. Exercisers simply tune their personal Walkman-style radios to the FM station posted under the TV monitor and enjoy their workout.

Installs in Minutes
Static Free Stereo Broadcast
Digital Lock Tuning
Free TV Tune Signs
3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Optional xTV-FM Receivers Available

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xTV FM Receiver

Introducing the Cardio Theater xTV FM Receiver

The new Cardio Theater xTV-FM receiver provides the ultimate upgrade solution to clubs with FM transmitters installed.

20-Preset Station Memory
Allows user to select a variety of TV and FM radio stations conveniently pre-set.

TV/Radio Button
Allows user to swap between preset stations and the FM dial to search and tune any local FM station*

Quick Change Headphone Jack
Our proprietary design prevents headphone jack from coming into contact with internal electronics... eliminating the damage associated with headphone jack wear and tear.

Moisture Seal Power Connector
Moisture resistant seal eliminates failure from rust or corrosion commonly caused by sweat or cleaning fluids entering the unit.

Compatible with any brand FM transmitter including Cardio Theater, Enercise, BroadcastVision and many others.

*Ability to receive local FM station within your building required
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Cardio Theater is available at Fitness AV 1-866-696-9006
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