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Cardio Theater CSAFE Guide

What does CSAFE stand for?

Communication Specification for Fitness Equipment
  CardioTheater control box on cardiovascular equipment

What does that mean to my Club?

It means that you do not need a separate power connection for Cardio Theater Exercise Entertainment™ equipment. The Cardio Theater plugs right into most manufacturers' cardiovascular equipment. It then uses the same power supply as the cardiovascular equipment. (The plug-in is usually located on the back of the cardiovascular equipment; sometimes on the bottom.) No more extra wires running to an electrical outlet!
  Plugin for CardioTheater

How do I know if my equipment is CSAFE?

Most equipment manufacturers are now shipping CSAFE equipment.  Click here for a list of manufacturers and the models that are CSAFE.

What if some of my equipment is CSAFE and some isn't?

When you provide Cardio Theater with an accurate list of your equipment, we'll be able to identify how many CSAFE pieces you have.  For the remainder of the equipment, we will utilize 'wall-bugs', which bring the power from the receiver to a 110-volt outlet.

How did this come about?

Cardio Theater and many of the major cardiovascular manufacturers together pioneered so that now most cardiovascular equipment comes to you right from the factory already equipped to receive Cardio Theater's systems. Check with your manufacturer representative to see if they are Cardio Theater Ready.
Shared power source on bottom of cardiovascular equipment

Want more details?

Click here to go to our INSTALLATIONS  page. See previews of installed Cardio Theater systems, and more pics of equipment setup detail.

  Link to CSAFE PagesLink to Installations Page

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