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Total Body Tabata 2


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The Total Body Tabata 2 CD is the perfect fitness music album for fitness instructors wanting the album to provide workout and rest times! 

This Tabata music album was specially designed for the music intensity to build during the WORK interval and diminish during the REST interval. Autumn Skeel and Vicki Moen, co-founders of Total Body Tabata» (TBT) and ACE certified continuing education providers, have teamed up with Muscle Mixes Music to bring you this one of kind 60-minute Tabata interval-timed CD.

 TBT is a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout using the Tabata formula of 20-second work intervals followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times. Leave the timing and the music to us so you can focus on coaching, motivating and exercising!

  • Class Format: Circuit Training, Interval Training, Personal Workouts
  • Music Style:
  • BPM: 144 to 150
  • Single CD set
  • 60 Minutes