Yellow and Black Aeromic Sweat Resistant Headset Mic.
Side view of Aeromic Sweat Resistant Headset Mic in black, yellow and navy color.
Woman smiling and wearing yellow Aeromic Sweat Resistant Headset Mic.
Woman on an exercise bike, in a white sports bra and black leggings, smiling and wearing yellow Aeromic Sweat Resistant Headset Mic.

Aeromic Sweat Resistant Headset Mic

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Aeromic is the most reliable group fitness and aerobics mike available with its world famous, sweat resistant construction. The Aeromic looks good with its unique miniature mic capsule that produces excellent sound quality, making good voice projection easier.

Four years of research and development including extensive prototype testing by leading fitness instructors has resulted in a mic system that is the pinnacle of sweat resistant technology. Thanks to rugged cables and plug connections, it stands up to the hardest work load you can throw at it - 7 classes a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The good news is it is now compatible with all brands of wireless body pack transmitters. Get the world's best headset mic made just for aerobics and group fitness instructors now.

This product is a just a headset microphone and needs to connect to an existing wireless system. If you need a complete wireless headset microphone system click here.

For sanitary reasons headset mics, mic belts, windscreens and headphones are not returnable.

Fitting and Caring for your Aeromic Headset Mic

  • Recommended for up to seven classes per day
  • Superior natural sound quality
  • Helps protect against voice damage
  • 12 month guarantee against "sweat death"
  • 100% serviceable, sweat resistant construction
  • Light weight and comfortable in two styles
  • Used daily in over 10,000 clubs worldwide
  • As used at Aerobic Conventions everywhere