Standard Surface Impaler for Broadway Panels (24-pack)

Standard Surface Impaler-Broadway Panels-24

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The Standard Surface Impaler-Broadway Panels-24 are designed to hang Broadway acoustic panels directly onto the wall surface like a picture. The simple installation process makes them quick & easy to use and particularly effective if you plan to relocate your panels in the future.

With 24 to a box, each Surface Impaler has four triangular-shaped darts that protrude from a galvanized steel plate. Installation is easy in plasterboard, sheetrock or masonry using the triple action Cobra Anchors for wood, screwing or nailing works great. You can even use Velcro on the back of the Surface Impaler should you prefer this type of temporary installation. For more security in high traffic zones, the Surface Impaler is designed with a glue zone at the center of the panel.