MiPro ACT-311-ACT-30T Wireless System for 5ND
MiPro ACT-311-ACT-30T Wireless System for 5ND

MiPro ACT-311-ACT-30T Wireless System for 5ND


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The innovative ACT 3 Series wireless microphone systems are a culmination of years of extensive design and manufacturing experience. No wiring and adjustment required as PCB, LCD and front panel are integrated. Featuring 1/2U receivers of single-channel ACT311 & dual-channel ACT-312 and 1U receivers of single-channel ACT300. EIA standard 19" rack-mountable metal chassis is used instead of cheap plastics. Featuring backlit LCD instead LED display for ease of use and professional appearance. PLL-synthesized technology for RF stability and matched with the ACT-30T transmitter.
Works with all MiPro receivers on frequency 5ND. ACT-30T transmitter operates on 20 hour battery life on 2 AA batteries. LCD displays working band-code, group, channel, frequency, AF input gain, RF output power, mute & lock status, battery status and error codes. Pilotone squelch for interference-free operation. Silent on/off switch. Built-in transmitter gain adjustment. ACT» syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically. The durable Switchcraft connector locks in tight and will not corrode like the Hirose connector used on Audio Technica and other mic systems. Headset Mic not included. Add your own or choose one of ours here: Headset Microphones EIA standard 1/2U metal receiver. Backlit LCD displays group, channel, frequency, RF level, antenna selection, AF level, battery level indicator, interference warning indicator, and panel lock indicator. Advanced diversity technology for optimum reception range and reduces signal dropouts and the Industry's only RF interference warning indicator for ideal SQ level adjustment.