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Can I specify where to leave my package when it arrives at its destination?
No. Delivery location (mailbox, front porch, outside garage, etc.) is determined solely by the delivery driver. We are sorry we cannot accommodate these types of requests.
How do I reprogram my receivers?
There are a few reasons you might need to program or reprogram your Cardio Theater receivers. Perhaps you've just gotten some new receivers and want to add them to your existing Cardio Theater sys
Why do I need a mixer?
The most important reason to have a mixer as part of your sound system is to allow you to have music playing and a microphone working at the same time. Without a mixer you can only have one or the ot
How do I select the right headset microphone?
With a wide variety of professional microphones available to serve the fitness industry, it is important to choose a microphone that will work well and last a long time. In order to make the right se