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Can my CD player play MP3 CDs?
While most new CD players are capable of playing MP3 CDs, its a good idea to check first if you require this feature. Fitness AV currently sells the following MP3 capable CD players and portable s
Do I have to pay licensing fees for the music I use in my classes?
As an instructor, you do not have to pay these fees directly. However, fitness clubs are required to pay licensing fees to groups called "Collective Societies". These groups collect licensing fees on
What's the difference between a burned CD and an MP3 CD?
While both burned audio CDs and MP3 CDs can both be made in your CD burner, there are differences in how the disc is formatted by your burning software and how many songs the disc will hold.
Why do I need a mixer?
The most important reason to have a mixer as part of your sound system is to allow you to have music playing and a microphone working at the same time. Without a mixer you can only have one or the ot