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Do I have to pay a licensing fee to play your music? Don't you pay this fee already?
Last Updated: 02/03/2009
All our CD's are legally licensed. The manufacturer has paid for master recording rights, and duplicate that recording onto a CD compilation and sell to the public. The licensing fees paid for this protect them and us,  but they do not protect instructors and facility owners.

For that, all fitness facilities (and other businesses such as restaurants and night clubs) are required to pay for the right to play publicly protected musical works. A blanket license from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC is required for this. If you work for a facility where these licenses have already been obtained, then you are not personally responsible for obtaining them for your classes.

If you teach in a home studio, or you own a facility where aerobics classes are taught, you are responsible for paying these fees. It is unlawful to play publicly protected music in a public forum without obtaining the proper licenses.

NOTE: It is also unlawful to reproduce publicly protected music without obtaining a license to do so, if that reproduction will be played in a public forum. Contrary to popular thought, this means it is unlawful to make your own tapes/CD's by mixing from your personal music collection, or by copying another instructor's music.

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