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Electronics Cleaning and Maintenance

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Deoxit Contact Cleaner Deoxit Contact Cleaner

Deoxit D5 is our solution to cure the crackles from all mic connectors and transmitter packs. Deoxit provides long-lasting protection.

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Our Price: $39.99
Falcon Dust-Off Air Duster Falcon Dust-Off Air Duster

Keep your sound system and electronic components free of damaging dust and debris

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Our Price: $15.75
Connector Protector - 10mL Connector Protector - 10mL

Extend the life of your equipment by using Connector Protector on your equipment's connection points

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Our Price: $17.75
Headset Mic Connector Cleaning Kit Headset Mic Connector Cleaning Kit

Our Microphone Cleaning Kit extends the life of your equipment by cleaning and protecting and bundled savings save you time and money!

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Our Price: $24.99