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Cardio Theater Exercise Entertainment Systems

Every member is motivated differently. Cardio Theater motivates them all.  In clubs equipped with Cardio Theatre, members look forward to their workouts. They know that they will be entertained, and motivated in their own way.

Cardio Theater's full line Exercise Entertainment systems enable health club members to listen to individually selected audiovisual entertainment choices while exercising on cardiovascular equipment.

XTV Wireless
Providing crystal-clear digital stereo sound to your fitness center members as they exercise on your cardio equipment, Cardio Theater helps you attract new members and keep them coming back. Cardio Theater is the one which set the standard others try to achieve. When you want the best in Exercise Entertainment, call the most trusted, most reliable provider. more info
The xTV FM system is a very flexible system whether you choose to purchase just the FM transmitter and have your members use any type of Walkman style radio, or include the transmitter with our fantastic xTV FM receiver which allows users to select a variety of TV and FM radio stations that you've conveniently preset. more info
Get these top quality Digital Stereo Headphones for use with Cardio Theater. Create new revenue streams and profit by making these high-quality headphones available to your membership. more info
Cardio Theater Parts
The most popular parts to maintain and repair any Cardio Theater system. more info
Visit our Cardio Theater website for more product info, brochures, tech support and manuals for your Cardio Theatre system and equipment.