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Audio & Sound System How To Articles

Articles to explain every aspect of sound system purchasing, operation, care and maintenance.
20 Ways to Put Your Best Voice Forward
A quick guide to vocal health. more info
Are You At Risk For Hearing Loss?
What you need to know to protect your ears and your hearing. more info
Caring for your Aeromic
Learn the simple steps you can take to improve the performance and longevity of your wireless headset microphone system. more info
Caring for your Compact Discs and CD Player
Why does my CD skip? How do I clean my CD? Proper CD care makes them last longer and improves your classes. more info
Choosing an Audio Visual Supplier
Planning on buying a sound system? Here are the things you should know before you purchase. Learn the right questions to ask and how to find a vendor who understands your needs. more info
Convert Your Aerobics CDs into MP3 Files the Easy Way!
Let the experts at Fitness AV show you how to convert your group exercise CDs to MP3 files. It's easier than you think. more info
Do you have the right mic for the job?
What makes one mic better than another for group fitness? Learn why some mics can be used continuously while others should only be used once or twice a day. more info
Headset Mic Care
Look after your fitness microphone and it will look after you. more info
How to Burn a Fitness Music CD
There's a simple and easy way to make high quality CDs from your MP3s or iPod.  Let us show you how. more info